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Musée Pera - Yedinci Kıta.

Musée Pera
16 Biennale d’Istanbul - Nicolas Bourriaud - Le Septième Continent
Yedinci Kıta The Seventh Continent

Pia Arke
Born in Greenland, passed away in Denmark.

Ernst Haeckel 
Born in Potsdam, passed away in Jena.

Sanam Khatibi 
Born in Tehran, lives in Brussels

 Paul Sietsema 
Born and lives in Los Angeles.

Simon Starling 
Born in Epsom, lives in Copenhagen.

Luigi Serafini 
Born in Rome, lives in Rome and Milan.

Melvin Moti 
Born and lives in Rotterdam.

Piotr Uklański
Born in Warsaw, lives in New York and Warsaw. 

et aussi au musée Pera


Norman Daly Born in Pittsburgh, passed away in New York.

Charles Avery 
Born in Oban, lives in London and Mull.

Born and lives in Barcelona.

Anzo (José Iranzo Almonacid) 
Born in Utiel, passed away in Valencia

 Glauco Rodrigues 
Born in Bage, died in Rio de Janeiro.